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CX in the Era of Intelligent Self-Service (Opus)


The days of rigid and intellectually limited automated assistants are over. Too many alleged “AI” solutions were built and deployed from a defensive position, not in service of the customer. Deflection was the name of the game and customer experience was an afterthought.

Now it’s a new era. At every step of the customer journey, successful CX leaders ask themselves how they can serve the customer in every moment, anticipate their needs, and put them in control.

In this exclusive new report, Opus Research analysts share their perspectives on customer experience interactions (CXi):

  • Targeting executives responsible for the entire customer journey, Dan Miller shares use cases and opportunities to apply conversational intelligence to put customers in control and redefine self-service
  • With leaders in digital experience in mind, Derek Top describes the trend toward connecting to customers in their channel of choice with conversational intelligence, seamlessly and personalized
  • For customer success specialists, Scott Baker focuses on solution optimization and changing metrics that correspond with ongoing ROI measurements and demonstrated value


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White Papers

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