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A CX Leader’s Guide to Total Excellence: Four Secrets to Success (Aberdeen)


Customer experience (CX) programs across all industries are more sophisticated than ever before. Yet Aberdeen research reveals that some companies are staying ahead of those changes and satisfying customers at every step.

How? By expanding beyond basic CX. Instead, they’re managing all customer experience interactions (CXi) — from any starting point and across the entire customer journey.

As a result, they are building long-lasting customer value and fruitful relationships. In fact, the customer retention rate for CX-fluent companies is 81% vs. all other businesses.

The four secrets that you will uncover through this research are:

  • How to meet customers where they are
  • How to orchestrate intelligent customer journeys
  • How to manage seamless self-service across every digital channel
  • How to weave automation across the complete customer journey

Discover how you can achieve CX excellence.

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