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Metrigy Research Report: Trends for Patient Experience Success


Patients are also consumers, which means using proven customer experience (CX) technology to deliver successful patient experiences (PX) is vital. Cloud-based CX management enhanced with AI is vastly improving patient satisfaction and loyalty.

It’s also contributing to overall efficiency of healthcare systems. Providers are able to refine communication, reduce wait times, increase clinician efficiency, prevent medical errors, and lower costs.

Find out why artificial intelligence, analytics, the digital journey, and the cloud must be a priority for Chief Patient Officers with Trends for Patient Experience Success, a new report from research firm Metrigy. This insightful guide reveals:

  • Why healthcare providers need a strong, proven PX strategy
  • How healthcare spending on PX compares with other industries
  • Which projects are top priority for providers focused on PX
  • How artificial intelligence is impacting the quality of digital PX

Six practical recommendations for achieving PX success

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