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Listen up: Get a 360-Degree View of Interactions to Elevate Customer Experiences


Feedback is essential to understanding customer needs and desires. Circling back to close the loop with your customers using a comprehensive, mature Voice of the Customer (VOC) program amplifies the reach and value of your business’s CX initiative and ultimately improves customer retention. The eBook, “LISTEN UP: Get a 360-Degree View of Interactions to Elevate Customer Experiences,” details how customer experience leaders can gain holistic insights into every interaction through VOC and sophisticated AI-powered analytics. Additional research within the eBook finds that a mature VOC program leads to a 95% greater year-over-year growth in company revenue.

The numbers don’t lie—implementing a structured VOC program gives your organization as complete a picture as you can get into the complex emotions and motivations that go into customer searches and interactions, with the fiscal results to match. It’s no longer enough to connect with customers on a surface level. Real impact must be made across every touchpoint of the customer journey, and analyzing then acting on customer feedback is crucial to bridging gaps and driving actionable strategies for improvement.

Implementing and then incorporating different types of feedback gives your company a deep, dynamic, and data-rich window into what kind of impression your brand and its services make on customers daily. From there, you’ll be able to lay the groundwork for fully integrated, personalized customer experiences constantly, inspiring lifetime loyalty every step of the way.

Learn how to transform your CX with strategic methods, such as:

  • Connecting comprehensive journey analytics and insights with customer feedback to increase satisfaction and loyalty
  • Using AI to create hyper-contextualized surveys and capture more representative and detailed feedback
  • Applying machine learning to every interaction to draw correlations and identify—then take—critical actions
  • Using real-time insights to adapt customer service programs and processes to improve relationships, products, and services
White Papers

ContactBabel: The Inner Circle Guide to the Voice of the Customer

Customers deserve better than open-ended feedback programs that don’t take action. Companies must expand beyond surveys and create a holistic Voice of the Customer (VoC) strategy. VoC combines and analyzes omnichannel digital and voice data so that you can turn every customer into a lifetime advocate for your brand.

White Papers

From Contact Center to Impact Center in this ebook

Your contact center is the heart of customer experience. It’s a hub of valuable customer interaction data and customer feedback that can help you improve KPIs across the business. This eBook shares best practices for driving business value from Voice of the Customer insights.