Close the loop quickly on customer issues.
Create lifetime advocates

Take action on customer feedback by using AI and analytics to examine all interactions and identify how to improve NPS and CSAT.

Make every experience effortless

Understand and solve self-service bottlenecks, high-volume channel switching, and low customer sentiment topics.

Coaching when it counts

Empower agents with objective performance monitoring using AI and real-time guidance for coaching in the moment.

Turn CX insights to action.

Are you listening? Drive informed actions to unlock higher CSAT and loyalty.

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Win the hearts of your customers.

Expand beyond surveys – adopt industry leading, holistic Voice of the Customer that combines and analyzes omnichannel digital and voice data so that you can turn every customer into a lifetime advocate for your brand.

With NICE Customer Feedback Management, resolve issues in real time, uncover blind spots in customer journeys and take action to improve customer satisfaction. What’s more, improve employee satisfaction and retention by empowering contact center agents to deliver customer service excellence on every inbound and outbound interaction.

Get the whole customer story.

Break down data siloes and start delivering extraordinary experiences. Understand sentiment, direct feedback, areas of high customer effort, and more.

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"Contact centers with VoC programs enjoy 95% greater growth in their annual revenue."
Aberdeen Strategy & Research Study: The ROI of VOC: Create Happy Customers, Drive Efficiency & Improve Financial Results
Create exceptional experiences.
Deliver frictionless conversations

Use AI to personalize outreach on the customer’s channel of choice, including SMS, WhatsApp, chat, web, email, voice and IVR.

Make your contact center sing

Integrated Customer Feedback Management, AI interaction analytics and quality management drives improved operational efficiency and service performance.

From reactive to proactive

Pinpoint high-risk customers in the moment and guide agents to positive resolution before they get to a post-call survey.

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Why voice of the customer?

Because it matters if you want to compete in the modern digital marketplace.

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What about Voice of the Customer?

Over 2,600 global customers surveyed in the 2020 NICE Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark, Consumer Wave.