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ContactBabel: The Inner Circle Guide to the Voice of the Customer


Customers deserve better than open-ended feedback programs that don’t take action. Companies must expand beyond surveys and create a holistic Voice of the Customer (VoC) strategy. VoC combines and analyzes omnichannel digital and voice data so that you can turn every customer into a lifetime advocate for your brand.

Successful VoC programs rely on consistent, ongoing, and accurate data from all points throughout the customer journey. Businesses shouldn’t assume that certain aspects of the customer’s experience and journey are performing well or failing to meet expectations instead of gathering and analyzing actual data and acting upon those results.

Acting on feedback improves CX, which, in turn, can increase loyalty, save at-risk customers, and turn more customers into net promoters.

The Inner Circle Guide to the Voice of the Customer, curated by ContactBabel with sponsorship from NICE CXone, explores what areas companies should focus on to see greater results from their VoC programs.

This report details how successful VoC programs can benefit companies by:

  • Quickly identifying and prioritizing solutions to potential issues
  • Making business decisions that align with what customers truly value
  • Supporting a culture of continuous improvement within the business
  • Identifying underperforming business processes to optimize them
  • Finding unhappy customers in danger of brand abandonment

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Driving VOC Program Maturity

Customer experience programs promise big results, but often struggle to deliver. Even after years in operation, many programs don’t live up to expectations.


Close the feedback loop to deliver better CX

Closing the loop with customers is an important next step that every business must incorporate into their VOC program strategy.

Case Studies

HireRight Case Study 2022

HireRight provides comprehensive background screening, verification, identification, monitoring, and drug and health screening services for more than 40,000 customers across the globe.