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CMSWire: From Stress to Success: Reducing Complexity with AI-Powered Contact Center Solutions


Is your contact center passing the stress test?

Workloads and work stress are rapidly on the rise for contact center agents and supervisors, according to new research. NICE and CMSWire Insights recently surveyed over 700 contact center supervisors and agents from EMEA, India, and the United States in September 2023. This report explores the causes of increased stress and how advanced CX and AI solutions can help.

More incoming contacts, technology issues, and the need to master an abundance of tech platforms are just a few causes of increased stress levels for contact center agents and supervisors. The ever-growing complexity of agent and supervisor responsibilities can lead to burnout and high attrition rates.

Contact center leaders can leverage AI solutions and advanced workforce management applications to improve agent experience, increase customer satisfaction, and meet performance goals. In this report, we delve into how investing in AI that simultaneously addresses complexity and stress will make everyone’s contact center jobs better—for both supervisors and agents alike.

Gain essential insights from this report, including:

  • The challenges supervisors face in combating stress while keeping agents engaged
  • The biggest stressors in a contact center, and the impact they have on CX
  • How AI can help reduce complexity and meet customer expectations
  • How to gauge employee sentiment to ease the challenge of reducing stressors and complexity
Elevate employee engagement with AI-powered solutions
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