You Asked: How do I Unlock the Transformative Power of AI in Customer Experience?


The latest generation of AI is extremely powerful. It’s already changing the script when it comes to CX and you need to see how to leverage this powerful tool and bring value to your contact center. Jon Arnold, Principal at J Arnold & Associates , and Lauren Maschio, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at NICE will show you how AI is transforming all aspects of CX. You’ll see how you can harness AI to deliver real business value, elevate your CX strategy and create a more holistic approach to your CX to prevent siloed thinking.

Attend this webinar and learn about:

  • How to take a holistic approach to CX, avoiding the pitfalls of siloed thinking
  • The seven key areas where AI can deliver remarkable business value
  • How to uncover AI’s immense potential for improving CX, elevating agent experience, and streamlining operations and costs


Jon Arnold | Principal, J Arnold & Associates
Lauren Maschio | Senior Manager, Product Marketing Team, NICE