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Drive Results with AI-Powered CX: Lower Costs, Boost Revenue, and Create Happy Customers


Today’s contact center is light years ahead of their counterpart from even ten years ago due to the rise of digital channels. As a result, the complexity of customer interactions is at an all-time high. However, CX leaders have never had as many tools in their toolbox to step up to the challenge—and deliver superior business results. AI and automation are being used by leading companies today with impressive top and bottom line results that put them far ahead of those that don’t use them in CX. 

This Aberdeen research report surveyed firms across all industries and sizes to measure just how much AI and automation have supercharged their digital transformation and maximized its impact. Survey results show big payoffs for those that have invested in AI, and it’s fueling their plans to invest in it more—AI ranks as the top technology capability business leaders plan to deploy in 2024.

Uncover how AI and automation boost key CX metrics:

  • Understanding and leveraging customer behavioral and sentiment data increases customer satisfaction
  • Greater efficiency in employee scheduling and greater productivity with real-time agent guidance decreases customer service costs
  • Identifying and automating repetitive tasks prone to error improves operational efficiency
  • Consistent, hyper-personalized interactions and content boosts sales and marketing metrics
White Papers

The State of AI in the Contact Center Research Report

How AI is used in contact centers is changing at incredible speed, and these changes require contact center leaders to understand how these tools and capabilities can help optimize productivity, costs, and both the customer and agent experiences.

Case Studies

Republic Services

Serving 14 million customers with 40,000 employees, Republic Services partnered with NICE to measure, assess, and improve customer sentiment with a comprehensive organizational restructuring to add essential services and capabilities.

Case Studies

Open Network Exchange Sees Smooth Sailing with CXone

Open Network Exchange (ONE) signed with a major cruise line to deliver profit enhancing transformational services. This relationship quickly expanded to a handover of all CCaaS management, which ONE quickly rebuilt on the CXone platform.