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Customer Experience Interactions (CXi) For Dummies, NICE Special Edition


Winning customers for life is harder than ever. But CXi (customer experience interactions) is your game-changer. CXi helps you reach your overall CX potential by holistically optimizing the experiences of your customers, employees, and business.

Sound complicated? It isn’t. Read Customer Experience Interactions (CXi) For Dummies, NICE Special Edition, the new guide that offers practical and easy-to-implement solutions for incorporating CXi into your CX strategy.

Get straightforward advice on how to:

  • Satisfy customers at every touchpoint
  • Ensure long-time loyalty and repeat business
  • Deliver optimal CX with AI and technology
  • Help your employees help your customers
  • Boost company performance and growth

Adopting CXi gives you a significant advantage in winning and keeping customers, and putting competitors in catch-up mode.

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CX in the Era of Intelligent Self-Service

At every step of the customer journey, successful CX leaders ask themselves how they can serve the customer in every moment, anticipate their needs, and put them in control.

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A CX Leader’s Guide to Total Excellence: Four Secrets to Success (Aberdeen)

Customer experience (CX) programs across all industries are more sophisticated than ever before. Yet Aberdeen research reveals that some companies are staying ahead of those changes and satisfying customers at every step.