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Chatbot Starter’s Guide: A comprehensive guide to chatbots


Chatbots and virtual agents deliver automated customer support for common questions at any time of the day, which bolsters the effortless self-service customers want. In fact, 81% of customers want brands to offer more options to self-serve.

So, the fact your contact center needs a functional bot seems obvious. But what’s less obvious is what type of bot you need to deliver the appropriate customer journey. This guide will walk you through the different types of chatbots and virtual agents available today that implement modern AI and digital platforms.

Learn how to design and program a bot to fit specific use cases that will complement your resources and organizational maturity. These include how to implement the seven best practices for chatbots such as personalizing the experience and focusing on the most predominant needs for your self-service.

The guide can help you:

  • Improve speed and resolution interactions
  • Gather larger amounts of data on customer engagement
  • Facilitate resources to train, test, and improve the experience
  • Improve response time and resolutions
  • Empower agents to focus on more challenging customer needs

Proactive CX Isn't About Inbound Call Reduction

To date, the focus of most companies has been on improving the handling of customer queries as they come in, be it through chatbots, self-service, or call centers.