The modern digital experience has made it to customer service.

The modern digital experience is fueled by technical innovations in areas like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, faster connectivity, and enhancements to mobile devices. All these innovations are making the modern digital experience more engaging, entertaining and useful for consumers. It's also conditioning their expectations - no longer satisfied with old, run-of-the-mill technology, customers expect businesses to use current technology that provides them with exceptional experiences. 

These expectations extend to how organizations provide customer service. First wave digital customer service channels like chat and email are well-established and well-liked by customers. But technical advances have made other channels possible. These second wave digital channels include private social messaging, video chat, and more, and promise to answer the demands of the modern digital experience.

Video chat is an example of an emerging channel that mirrors people's lifestyles. Just think about how many people you know that use Skype. Seeing a video feed of the person you're talking to makes it a more personal conversation because you can see them and read their facial expressions. The same is true with a video chat between a customer and a support agent. Not only is the interaction more personal, but video is a real-time tool that lets customers show agents what they need help with, like damage to their car or furniture they're trying to assemble.

Artificial intelligence is also shaping the modern digital experience, and businesses have figured out ways to deploy AI for customer service functions. Perhaps the most visible example of this is chatbots. AI-enabled chatbots can converse with people in a mostly human-like way, and if they're combined with machine learning they can get smarter over time. Organizations use them in customer support chat sessions to perform narrowly defined tasks like answering common questions and taking orders. Chatbot use has become so common that they are now an engrained component of the modern digital experience.

But customers aren't the only ones who get to experience state-of-the-art technology, like AI, during the customer service process. AI is now embedded in some of the software tools used by contact center staff. For example, AI can make forecasting smarter and automate intraday adjustment tasks. When integrated with CRM, AI can give salespeople guidance about the best timing to reach out to prospects and customers. And AI-powered analytics tools can discern customer sentiment and contact drivers.

In short, the modern digital experience applies to both customers and the contact centers that support them. Technical advances are transforming what both groups experience related to customer service.

NICE excels at providing modern digital experiences.

NICE CXone is leading a new era of Smart Digital Conversations by eliminating traditional barriers to exceptional omnichannel customer experiences with new innovations across your contact center operations. Watch our recorded webinar, Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (AI) - First Steps, The Big Picture, and What’s to Come, to learn more about AI in customer service. And read our white paper for ideas about how to offer your customers a modern digital experience.

Any digital channel

Your customers are trying to reach you for service on digital channels – even if you’re not there yet. How many SMS text messages go to your call center phone number with no response? Who’s trying to find you on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp and not finding you? Now with CXone it is easy to provide digital-first omnichannel service in all the channels your customers expect.

  • Personalized digital interactions: deliver native experiences in each of 30+ messaging channels, such as rich media, emojis, and other collaboration tools.
  • Simple to Activate: pre-integrated channels make it easy to offer to customers and agents.
  • Easy to Say “Yes”: simple packaging removes barriers to offering all channels to customers and agents.
CXone digital channel
Empowered agents

CXone empowers all your agents to deliver a true digital-first omnichannel customer experience by simultaneously combining all customer interactions in one intelligent inbox across multiple digital channels and voice for agents to select ("pull"), while dynamically prioritizing the most time-sensitive or real-time interactions according to service levels ("push"). All delivered in a single application – complete with full customer context, journey history, and sentiment.

  • Single Interface: one inbox for all digital messaging and real-time (voice/chat) channels – retaining native experience of each messaging platform.
  • Agents in Control: ‘pulling’ work in natural flow, while dynamic prioritization maintains SLAs – and prevents ‘cherry picking’.
  • Customer Card: full customer context, journey and conversation history, plus sentiment.
Holistic management

With CXone, omnichannel interactions are managed holistically, from agents to supervisors and beyond. Integrated workforce optimization, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence across digital and voice interactions ensure complete management across contact center operations.

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