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Journey Mapping the Digital-First Customer Experience


Customers don’t follow just one path on their journey with your brand. Often, their path can be full of twists and turns, alternate routes, detours, and divergences. If you start tracking the customer’s journey after they’ve interacted with an agent, you’re already too late to ensure you make a positive impression that will capture their loyalty. To really understand every step of a customer’s journey and where it leads, you must look through the lens of their entire experience with your brand—without that context, you can’t fully comprehend customer desires and motivations, nor can you act on them.

That’s where mapping the customer’s digital experience comes in. Like any good map, attention to detail is crucial. In a digital journey, it helps you successfully gain insight into customer behaviors and shift your approach to a proactive customer experience (CX). Journey mapping provides an in-depth look into how customers have adapted to new technology, and it employs feedback and operational metrics to analyze each touchpoint of the journey. In essence, it’s a way to see through your customer’s eyes.