Let’s Play a Game: Good CX Journey vs. Bad


Imagine your customers are on a journey around the CX game board. They roll the dice to determine how to locate you, communicate with you, purchase or solve a customer service issue, repurchase, recontact, and more. Will they end up as satisfied customers?

Watch our game of CX-opoly, where we play as two customers moving through their own unique customer journeys. Do they get to the finish line with answers to their questions, do they get sent back to start . . . or do they leave you for a competitor? Their fate is in your hands!

We discuss best practices for customer journeys, such as:

  • listening and connecting customer journeys
  • maintaining focus on the customer experience to build loyalty in economically uncertain times
  • simplifying customers’ tasks

Do you want to leave their satisfaction up to chance or grab some winnings from the community chest?

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