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CMS Wire: The CX Commute vs. the CX Joy Ride


Customer expectations have changed considerably. Delivering great customer experiences (CX) now means understanding the increasingly complex journey, meeting customers everywhere they are, and addressing problems as they arise or even earlier.

There’s no room for error here. Research shows that 97% of customers have dropped purchases simply due to inconvenience. Almost half said they will switch brands if a company doesn't anticipate their needs. Traditional service approaches won’t do that.

You need to invest in an omnichannel delivery strategy that meets customers in their preferred self-service or agent-assisted channels. Only then can you create seamless experiences that perfectly match how consumers interact with today’s brands at every touchpoint.

This new exclusive The CX Commute vs. the CX Joy Ride white paper can help. This insightful guide shows you:

  • Why businesses are struggling with creating meaningful experiences
  • What great customer experiences look like – and how to provide them
  • Which channels customers prefer to use (Hint: 81% don’t call agents)
  • How you can take the headache out of CX and make it delightful
  • The secrets to making omnichannel journeys seamless

Turn your customers’ complex journeys into CX joy rides.

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