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Generative AI Essentials For CX Leaders: Answers to CX Pros’ Top Questions About Generative AI


The transformative impact of Generative AI (GenAI) on customer experience (CX) demands strategic understanding from CX leaders. To navigate this transformative landscape, Forrester Research addresses eight key questions frequently posed by CX professionals in this report, aiming to shed light on the workings and implications of GenAI. GenAI, a culmination of technologies, techniques, and models derived from vast datasets, generates content in response to prompts, be it natural language or non-code inputs.

It fills gaps based on learned patterns, applies knowledge from content snapshots, and works across various digital mediums. Third-party risks arise from leveraging pre-trained models, leading to biases and challenges in explaining AI actions to customers. The unpredictability and potential unreliability of GenAI outputs underscore the need for a human-in-the-loop approach.

Recognizing existing legislation is crucial, with a focus on potential privacy traps in training models, corporate datasets, and output content. Communication, consent, and adopting key privacy principles contribute to responsible and ethical GenAI use. GenAI facilitates inclusive content creation, enhances customer service through agent support, and propels firms towards the next best customer experience paradigm.

In navigating the GenAI landscape, CX leaders are urged to blend proactive adoption with careful consideration to harness the full potential of this transformative technology.

  • Understand GenAI basics and applications
  • Address CX risks with a human-in-the-loop approach
  • Navigate privacy considerations for ethical GenAI use
  • Optimize customer experiences through GenAI
  • Strategically evaluate GenAI vendors for success

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