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AI for CX For Dummies, NICE Special Edition


Explore the power of AI and learn about its potential in AI for CX For Dummies, NICE Special Edition. When artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated into business strategy, your business can provide outstanding customer experience (CX) seamlessly and effectively. This guide to AI for CX outlines the key AI technologies most helpful for improving CX and explains how these technologies benefit customers, agents, supervisors, management, and other stakeholders. Within, you’ll also learn the answers to common questions about how AI is currently used in CX.

Discover the potential of using AI for CX and across your business, why NICE has long been a leader in AI and CX arenas, and become familiar with NICE Enlighten and AI-backed solutions. A strong understanding of AI and how it can supercharge your CX empowers you to make the best decisions for your business. This fun and thorough book takes a holistic look at AI technology, enabling you to:

  • Learn more about the history of AI and its prevalence in CX
  • Assess and implement AI solutions now and as new technologies emerge
  • Forecast how your CX and business strategies can best utilize AI in the future
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AI is the Future of CX

Enlighten is revolutionizing CX for businesses, employees, and consumers.

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Digital Experience (DX) For Dummies, NICE Special Edition

Ever-evolving technology and heightened customer expectations are keeping CX leaders on their toes. Customers want to control their own narrative throughout their journey, but the caveat is they need your help to do it.

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Customer Experience Interactions (CXi) For Dummies

Winning customers for life is harder than ever. But CXi (customer experience interactions) is your game-changer.