Fueling Success - 6 Ways AI Empowers Agents


Agents are the face of your brand. Human-led support remains indispensable, with over two-thirds of customer interactions relying on it. This is why, in a recent study, over 88% of CX managers prioritize agent assisted tools that include AI as a top investment.

Join this webinar and learn how AI can help agents humanize and personalize the customer experience in unexpected ways such as cultivating empathy and personalizing a service as well as improving their productivity in the process. We’ll explore 6 ways that organizations are successfully making use of AI to optimize both the customer and agent experience, including:

  • Analyzing agent soft-skills objectively and consistently that influence customer satisfaction
  • Providing real-time coaching and context for agents to excel
  • Streamlining manual tasks, such as notetaking, with automation
  • Identifying the root cause of process and product-related issues that impact agent performance
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