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The Changing Role of AI in CX


AI is the top strategic priority technology investment within the next year for fueling long-term business growth. According to Aberdeen, 59% of leaders cite that AI improves their ability to use data more intelligently in customer interactions.

Best in class organizations that use AI are realizing remarkable results compared to those that do not including a 5.5x greater YoY increase in employee engagement, 3.0x greater YoY improvement in customer satisfaction, a 4.0x greater YoY improvement in customer effort scores, and more. This Aberdeen Research white paper provides insight into the results of their recent CX Leaders’ Agenda benchmark survey. It serves as your indispensable guide to success, empowering you to:

  • Dive deep into the driving forces behind AI's growing adoption in key business areas.
  • Gain valuable insights into the tangible impact AI technologies have on the performance of businesses, igniting their growth.
  • Unlock the secrets of top-performing companies and discover how they are incorporating AI technologies into their operational activities with remarkable results.
White Papers

Enlighten AI Routing - The AI Behind Better Connections

In just a few short years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has forever changed how we interact with the world around us. GPS technologies make sense of data so that we can plan our routes, choose our preferences for highways, or local roads, and get real-time information to avoid traffic. Smart home hubs help us to plan our day and manage our tasks - creating efficiency across our busy schedules. And, with ride sharing apps, we can plan and share rides, or even share our preferences for talking (or not!) during our travels. We’ve even traded plugging in our vacuums for robots that continuously clean-up after us


Enlighten AI Routing

Evolve beyond skills-based, first available routing by matching customers with individual agents to optimize business goals. CXone Predictive Behavioral Routing connects people on a personal level-improving any outcome, including sales, cost reduction, and customer experience. Realize immediate results with effortless implementation on CXone ACD. NICE CXone Predictive Behavioral Routing is AI-powered call routing that predicts the best match between customers and agents-for smarter connections and business results, with a performance guarantee.


Enlighten AI for sales effectiveness

Increase conversion rates, grow revenue, and empower teams with real-time, proven insights into the critical sales skills that drive revenue with Enlighten AI for Sales Effectiveness.