From First Interaction to Lasting Impression: Moving the Needle on Customer Satisfaction


Do your customers frequently express dissatisfaction with your service? Are your customer service agents overwhelmed by recurring issues? Does your business grapple with a high volume of customer inquiries about common problems?

In an era of heightened customer expectations and rapidly evolving touchpoints, CX operations, and software have reached a critical juncture of complexity and potential growth. NICE invites you to join us for an illuminating exploration of strategies to elevate customer satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey—from that initial interaction to a lasting, positive impression.

Gain valuable insights and practical approaches that will enable your business to stand out in a competitive landscape by delivering remarkable customer experience at scale.

In this compelling webinar, our experts dive deep into the pressing questions that keep many CX professionals awake at night:

  • How can you enhance customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS)?
  • How can you empower your agents to engage customers effectively and efficiently?
  • What are the most effective tools and methods that enable customers to help themselves?


Establish CX greatness and create lasting impressions
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