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A Comprehensive Guide to Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Transform the Customer Experience


Artificial intelligence (AI) has moved past a “tech-only” conversation to dominate the landscape of business operation progress and elevated customer satisfaction. With the shift in customer preferences toward digital channels, there’s an expectation for exceptional service and top-tier technological assistance at every stage of their journey—and conversational AI is a key tool to deliver just that.

Get exclusive access to the comprehensive guide that reveals how to transform customer and employee experiences with artificial intelligence.

Bullets: This in-depth report from Opus Research provides a complete overview of conversational AI, including:

  • Key terminology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing explained in plain language
  • Real-world examples of how brands are using chatbots, intelligent routing, and agent assistance tools successfully
  • Analysis of how conversational intelligence from customer interactions can inform AI to align with business goals
  • Guidance on evaluating AI providers and deploying the right solutions for your needs

Access the full report now to get up to speed on conversational AI and leverage it strategically to connect with customers in new ways.

Unlock the power of conversational AI
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Drive the future of CX with artificial intelligence

The promise of a data-driven future with AI is real and contact centers are leveraging this technology to proactively act on customer and agent behaviors on all channels.

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How Smart Self-Service Elevates Customer Satisfaction

Earlier this summer, SSON published a report titled “(Why) Understanding Customer Sentiment is critical for CX.” The report observed that many in the shared services space understand the importance of delivering a strong customer experience yet lack the tools and resources to create the experience.

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Improve Contact Center Performance with Enlighten AI for Customer Satisfaction

A recent study of NICE customers provides evidence that contact center metrics are directly correlated to agent soft-skill behavioral performance.