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Close the Loop to Keep Customers Happy


Studies show that customers are much more likely to abandon a brand after just one negative experience, so retention relies on successfully handling not only good interactions but bad ones, too. When customers are encouraged to share feedback about their experience, it provides your business with invaluable insight into your CX strategy and whether it is providing the service and satisfaction customers have come to expect.

Customers want to be listened to and feel valued. However, words without actions lose much of their effect. That’s where closing the loop on customer feedback comes in. One interaction is never too inconsequential to play a part in your business’s success. Customer loyalty is as good as currency in a competitive market, and to satisfy and retain new customers, you must proactively listen and act on feedback gathered throughout the many buying journeys your business orchestrates.

When you close the loop by gathering, analyzing, and acting on customer feedback, your business gains true customer-centricity and will stand out as the standard for unparalleled CX among a competitive industry.

This video identifies the important stages of the “closed loop” process, such as how to:

  • Gather feedback to determine actionable insights into customer experiences
  • Incorporate that feedback at multiple stages of the customer journey to decrease churn risk
  • Automate your processes to amplify your CX strategy and promote continuous improvement
  • Collect data to create positive, personalized experiences during future interactions and promote lifetime customer loyalty
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