Beyond ChatGPT: What Does it Take to Create Real CX AI?


Now that generative AI has become a household term thanks to ChatGPT, one thing is clear: The benefits of generative AI for CX are wide ranging and transformative. But what makes CX AI work – and what sets it apart from other generative AI? What makes it either fail or live up to its potential?

Join Catherine Forino (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Digital & AI Solutions, NICE) and Bogdan Grigorescu (Senior Technical Lead, Architecture, eBay) for a look at what it takes to create real CX AI. We will explore the tech driving CX transformation, cover the right way to implement CX AI, and equip you with the information you need to be your organization’s CX AI expert.

You will learn:

  • About the underlying technology of CX AI in an intuitive, accessible way
  • The importance of purpose-built AI vs generic generative AI
  • How to avoid common mistakes made when implementing AI for CX
  • Why effective AI needs good knowledge management
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