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AI Management is Knowledge Management


Our third video delves into the essential correlation between AI Management and Knowledge Management, pivotal in today's data-driven landscape. Omer Minkara, VP at Aberdeen, highlights a striking statistic: 73% of CX leaders grapple with effectively leveraging data to attain CX objectives. Herein lies the pivotal role of AI.

Aaron Rice, General Manager CXone Expert, expounds upon how refined knowledge management directly correlates with heightened AI efficacy. We dissect two critical realms: self-service and assisted service, where meticulous knowledge management is indispensable. With AI steering intelligent customer dialogues, knowledge emerges as the linchpin.

We provide insights on the role of AI in knowledge management by unveiling AI's capacity to monitor and optimize knowledge base articles for amplified outcomes. Furthermore, we witness the genesis of dynamic content with Gen AI, perpetually refined through iterative feedback mechanisms.

Through tangible illustrations, Aaron and Omer elucidate how AI optimizes knowledge management processes through discerning screenshots. Join us as we uncover the transformative potential of AI in knowledge management, paving the path for unparalleled customer experiences.

  • The importance of knowledge management for enhancing customer experience.
  • How AI drives intelligent customer conversations and optimizes knowledgebase articles.
  • AI's role in tracking and analyzing knowledgebase effectiveness for continuous improvement.
  • Practical demonstrations of AI tools improving knowledge management for superior customer experience.