​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Performance Management Software


Redefine Performance Management

and Convert Your Data into People Power

With the proliferation of information technology, today's forward-thinking organization generates more data than ever before. When properly harnessed, this information can help clarify goals, uncover opportunities and deliver measurable performance improvements.

For more than a decade, NICE Performance Management (NPM) has helped performance-driven sales and service organizations across a wide range of industries exceed ever-greater user expectations. By making sense of expanding amounts of available data, NPM brings accountability, consistency and transparency to your organization, helping you effect true cultural change.

Available on premise or via the cloud, NPM has helped leading organizations improve customer satisfaction scores (CSATs) by more than 10 points while reducing contact center operational costs by more than 10 percent.

NPM is performance management, redefined, enabling you to transform behavior, operationalize insights, deliver a superior user experience, engage employees and realize a quicker ROI. 

Transform Employee Behavior with System-Driven Actions

NPM goes far beyond performance reporting and balanced scorecards, with a robust set of practices and tools that drive system-enabled actions, from coaching and training to e-learning, onboarding and self-correction.

NPM empowers your organization's change agents to transform multiple metrics simultaneously. By incorporating data from a variety of sources, NPM provides a single version of the truth, allowing organizations to align around a common goal and tap into automated reports that free managers to focus on their most critical imperative – coaching.

NPM includes embedded coaching tools and automated coaching workflows tailored to the organization's KPIs. And by measuring and providing analytics on coaching effectiveness, the system empowers managers with easy access to feedback as they deliver targeted coaching and dynamic goals to the frontline.

Multi-modal coaching capabilities, including group coaching, peer coaching and coaching the coach models, provide a fast, high-impact way to align employee behavior with organizational goals, improve performance and increase motivation. Pre-defined forms and workflows allow you to reduce costs, while reporting and analytics assess coaching effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement. Knowledge Trivia extends NPM's coaching impact by engaging employees with tailored e-learning opportunities, including quizzes on new material, and games and quests that provide a powerful incentive for self-training.

Intelligent and automated, NPM's add-on modules for Adaptive Workforce Optimization (WFO) drive deep behavioral change by delivering goals, insights and activities tailored to an individual's preferences, skill level and learning style. Adaptive WFO is designed to extend the core capabilities of NPM and the value of WFO data by adding modules for additional automation and analytics.

Operationalize Insights with Advanced Analytics

NPM puts clear data visualizations and root cause analytics at the fingertips of your entire organization. Advanced analytics and reports are delivered according to role type, providing a frontline viewpoint for agents, a team-level view for supervisors and an enterprise-wide perspective for executives. Automated alerts allow supervisors and managers to stay in front of emerging service issues, and interaction analytics provide the ability to get to the root cause of a problem with a single click. With performance execution capabilities that increase productivity, proficiency and compliance, NPM facilitates continuous KPI improvement while delivering maximum business impact.

Empower the Team with a Superior User Experience

A mobile-ready interface, flexible reporting and a new, modern look make NPM easy to use – no tech-savviness required. Out-of-the-box visualizations, including heat maps and bubble graphs, deliver deeper, actionable insights, making it easier for employees and managers to improve performance.

Inspire Employees to Perform at Their Best

Boost sales, loyalty and customer satisfaction levels by engaging and motivating your employees each and every day. NPM fosters a performance-driven culture by openly sharing best practices and encouraging collaboration and recognizing achievements with gamification rewards.

With NPM, the add-on Gamification module leverages gaming mechanisms to improve individual and team performance and increase employee engagement. Tactics like individual awards, team contests, a points system and an online marketplace where points and rewards can be redeemed help align behavior with the organization's objectives and build a strong community of employees, whether on-site or remote. Our tools empower, inspire and engage employees in ways that deliver greatness, making your people a competitive advantage.

Maximize the Value of Your Technology

NPM is proven to support tens of thousands of users. With simple web-based administration tools, the solution is quick to deploy and easy to maintain. Our scalable, open standards-based architecture meets the demands of even the largest enterprise and supports all major databases and platforms – ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership.

NPM also integrates seamlessly with both NICE Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions and third party applications, delivering aggregated data and richer, more actionable insights that dramatically increase the ROI of each application. Leverage NPM as the hub of your WFO suite, including:

  • Click to Call Playback – Integration with NICE Recording
  • Quality Evaluation – Integration with NICE Quality Management
  • Speech Analytics – Integration with Nexidia Analytics
  • Desktop Analytics – Integration with NICE Real Time Activity Monitoring
  • CSAT & Survey Drilldown – Integration with NICE Total Voice of the Customer
  • Optimized Scheduling – Integration with NICE Workforce Management

Deploy More Quickly, for Rapid ROI

Drawing on experience implementing performance management solutions in many of the world's most complex business environments, we have developed a streamlined NPM solution for maximum speed and cost-effectiveness: NPM Essentials. NPM Essentials offers the same core NPM platform with an innovative new deployment model.

Designed for rapid implementation, NPM Essentials is changing the way leading organizations manage front- and back-office performance. By providing many out-of-the-box capabilities, such as root cause analysis, goal management, best practice coaching and advanced coaching effectiveness, NPM Essentials allows you to select the pre-built configurations and portfolio integrations you need, dramatically reducing the need for professional services and eliminating tedious and expensive project costs. Discovery, configuration and testing phases are shorter, empowering your organization to influence employee behavior, ramp up efficiency and increase customer satisfaction more quickly. Together, that translates into a higher and faster ROI.

Empower Your Business in the Cloud

Your customers' needs are unique and complex, and so are those of your contact center. NPM hosted in the cloud is tailored to support the specific requirements of your organization. It can scale from a single site to a global omni-channel enterprise with ease. Simple, flexible and efficient, it keeps your performance management operations running smoothly and efficiently, for less.

With NPM as a hosted solution in the cloud, you can leave the infrastructure, management and maintenance of your performance management solution to us. You can skip the resource intensive infrastructure deployment and get started quickly, for a faster ROI and a better customer experience. You can harness the power of the cloud for performance management like never before.

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