Your Digital CX is Broken—And Your Customers Know How to Fix It


Despite all the talk about “digital transformations” and “omnichannel engagement,” 80% of companies are not delivering seamless, end-to-end journeys. Their digital interactions are impersonal and fragmented, leading to high customer effort and low customer satisfaction. Making matters worse, the overwhelming majority of brands lack direction on how to identify and remedy their biggest pain points.

With customer expectations rising along with economic concerns, it is time to create experiences that are more convenient, relevant, and predictive. This may seem daunting, but the good news is that a pathway to success already exists—and it’s in your voice of the customer (VoC) data. This on-demand webinar will reveal how to unlock this powerful intelligence and optimize your digital journeys.

Topics include:

  • Data on the biggest CX demands and pain points and how they have evolved
  • Top reasons why digital transformations fail
  • Tips for avoiding the biggest customer data pitfalls—and finally unlocking the power of VoC data
  • Opportunities for using AI to address root causes, improve training, and orchestrate better journeys in real time
  • Key ways to personalize customer experiences based on intent and sentiment

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