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Transform WFM for the Digital Age with True to Interval (TTI)


Your customers don’t always pick up the phone when they want to talk to you. They email, text, chat, or use any number of digital channels available today. These are the preferences of customers now, and they are not changing any time soon.

Digital channels have broken traditional WFM forecasting and scheduling methods in the contact center. To keep up with your customer’s expectations for fast, human service, drastic changes to workforce management are needed, and NICE WFM True to Interval (TTI) is designed for your new reality.

Traditional WFM paradigms are based on phone calls, but today’s digital interactions don’t fit neatly within these assumptions. Digital interactions are discontinuous, asynchronous, and handled by multiple employees. What’s needed is a system to break down interactions into smaller pieces, distributing them among the WFM planning intervals in which the work is actually happening for more accurate forecasting and scheduling.

Explore the tangible benefits of TTI:

  • More accurate forecasting of workloads for better scheduling and staffing levels
  • Blending of front and back office work streams for greater efficiency
  • Improved contact center KPIs, including AHT and CSAT

Meet the new reality of digital channels with a revolutionary WFM solution 

White Papers

Digital Channel Management for WFM for Dummies

Engage the digital-first customer and manage multiple channels for WFM seamlessly.

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Expert Interview: Accurately Forecast, Schedule and Manage Workforce in the Digital Age

With the digital disruption in the contact center, outdated WFM metrics must be replaced. Andrea Matsuda, Product Marketing Manager, NICE talks about how NICE WFM True to Interval (TTI) Analytics takes into account the unique challenges of digital channels for transformative forecasting, scheduling, and planning.

Product Videos

True to Interval (TTI) Analytics by NICE

Digital channels are evolving—transform along with them. Explore the revolutionary methods in managing data to accurately forecast and schedule your staff among the complex demands of the digital landscape. Latch onto this paradigm shift to launch your business securely in the new dynamic world of work.