The Last Mile of Operational Efficiency: The Back Office

For the last twenty-plus years, contact centers have been reaping the economy-of-scale benefits of skill based routing (SBR). More recently, the pandemic drove the necessity of extending SBR economies-of-scale into digital channels. As a result, contact centers have been addressing the challenges of blending digital asynchronous work with traditional voice and live chat synchronous work to achieve additional operational efficiency. So, what’s next?

Based on what we hear from our customers, the “last mile of operational efficiency” will be found in the blending of contact center work (both voice and digital) with back office work. But what does this look like? What are the tools required to effectively blend work? What productivity insights can be delivered for the back office teams? In this webcast we discuss:

  • The role the back office has on the customer experience
  • Current market trends within contact centers and back office operations
  • Best practices to enable organizations to realize the greatest benefits for managing a blended work environment
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