Case Studies

SeaWorld Delivers Memorable Customer Experiences with NICE CXone


With 12 parks—some seasonal, others year-round—SeaWorld’s 125-300 (depending on the season) contact center ambassadors answer all kinds of questions for guests from the company’s single central call center in Orlando. But as the parks were growing in popularity and volume, the contact center was drowning in inefficiency, lost calls (and business) and rising costs. With its suite of CXone cloud customer experience products, NICE CXone was the lifeline SeaWorld needed. Call volume is up 38%, and it can efficiently manage through seasonal fluctuations, as well as those that are intra-week and even intra-day. And by coordinating survey results with quality management, SeaWorld has aligned its internal performance standards with guest expectations—to the benefit of all. SeaWorld’s guest satisfaction scores continue to rise year over year, as does its revenue—and the company credits NICE CXone as a key player in achieving impressive results.

Case Studies

NICE CXone Boosts Operational Efficiency for Mattress Firm (PDF)

Mattress Firm was “rising and shining” every day: Explosive growth had propelled it to the leadership position in the $29 billion bedding industry. But its contact centers were hitting the snooze button: Outdated technology was preventing them from providing the exceptional experience its customers expected. But Mattress Firm’s partnership with NICE—and moving to the CXone cloud-based integrated platform and products—changed all that. In fact, it was the dawn of a new day for Mattress Firm, its contact centers and especially, its customers. Efficiency is up, complaints are down, and now the sky’s the limit for customer satisfaction!

Case Studies

CXone Helps Alphanumeric Systems Capture Global Markets (PDF)

Capture global markets.