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Metrigy Research Report: Pushing the Retail Experience to the Utmost


Not only will today’s fickle consumers drop a retailer after a bad experience, almost half will tell other people about it. To avoid losing consumers, retailers must be hyper focused on delivering a great customer experience (CX) every time.

These days, that requires delivering personalized service across all channels at every touchpoint. Retailers also need to understand the buyer’s journey from end to end and predict their needs.

Conventional “one-size-fits-all” tools won’t help. That’s why 64% of retailers prefer using a CCaaS solution to increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction by exceeding expectations.

The new Pushing the Retail Experience to the Utmost report from research firm Metrigy explains why. This powerful report also reveals:

  • Why retailers need a strong CX strategy and CCaaS ecosystem
  • Steps retailers must take to meet the demands of digital-first consumers
  • How retailers are interacting with consumers beyond the contact center
  • Reasons why CX and AI technology are integral for seamless journeys
  • The main reasons why retailers are leveraging cloud-based solutions

Discover how retailers are achieving powerful CX results.


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Case Studies

Bose dials in to superior customer experience

Consolidating on NICE CXone gave Bose immediate and sustained improvement in both external and internal KPIs.