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Managing the Modern Contact Center: Current Employer Trends


The proliferation of service channels and the prevalence of hybrid and remote work environments give organizations the ability to address customer concerns anytime and anywhere. This means that contact center agents work in many channels at the same time, more than ever before, contributing to increased workload and stress.

In this environment, organizations need to carefully review agent workloads, performance metrics, and rewards for a job well done. Although voluntary attrition isn’t as high as it could be at first glance, organizations could lose more workers to stress and burnout if they aren’t careful.

Companies can boost employee satisfaction and reduce attrition with key updated strategies. These strategies include offering incentives that agents want, increasing the variety of metrics used to assess employee performance, and distributing back office work among contact center agents. In addition, many contact center agents are thirsty for better-defined career paths and upskilling opportunities. The back office remains an untapped resource for organizations willing to cross-train contact center agents on those duties.

This survey report from Simpler Media Group offers updated data that illuminates the stress that employees are under and what can turn them into more happy, productive employees.

Home in on critical agent stats: 

  • The extent of multichannel and hybrid work in contact centers today
  • How long agents expect to stay in their positions vs. actual length of stay
  • What convinces agents to stay in their jobs
  • Hidden opportunities in the back office to upskill and reduce stress in agents

Work with your employees to boost their satisfaction and engagement 

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