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ICMI: Tips to Ace the Agent Experience


Happy agents make happy customers. A recent report from ICMI demonstrates how AX is the key to the success of any brand. The research shows why improving the agent experience is so important and how you can empower your agents to delight your customers. The majority of surveyed respondents said that making customers happy is their favorite part of their job.

And not only will happy agents provide better service overall, but improving AX can save contact centers money, increase customer revenue, and build brand advocates. The research also found that 94% of agents who feel empowered are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs. And that will improve retention.

Watch the video to get more facts from the report: “The post-pandemic agent experience: What changed and what needs to change.” 

The video showcases the four most important aspects of agent experience: 

  • Removing friction from process and technology
  • Delivering ongoing training and coaching
  • Providing the right tools to help agents be successful
  • Listening to and acting on their feedback


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The secret to making agents jump for joy

The research is in—and this webinar highlights top findings from the latest State of Agent Experience Survey. From critical challenges and new opportunities to emerging technologies and outdated processes, these trends can help you develop new strategic priorities.

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