Hearing what they aren’t telling you: Measuring and optimizing the self-service customer experience


Customers want frictionless self-service experiences—and 70% of customers use self-service channels during their journey. So how do you know if your self-service meets their expectations? By giving customers a voice at the table.

Join our industry experts when they discuss how Voice of Customer can help your contact center build better interactions. You’ll learn:

  • How preferences and channel availability influence non-linear customer journeys.
  • How contextualized feedback can be used to understand expectations and meet self-enablement goals.
  • How negative customer experiences reveal who to prioritize for digitally enabled experiences.
On-demand webinar

Better than average CX: Ways to WOW your customers

Want to deliver better than average CX? Discover the best practices contact centers are following to exceed the rising expectations of today’s customers—59% say the pandemic actually raised their standards for service.


Close the feedback loop to deliver better CX

Closing the loop with customers is an important next step that every business must incorporate into their VOC program strategy.