From Stress to Success: Reducing Complexity with AI Solutions


Contact center agents and supervisors both struggle with escalating levels of complexity and stress. This stress is detrimental to many aspects of the industry, leading to unhappy agents and frustrated customers. In fact, 78% of supervisors say that agent work stress is negatively impacting the customer experience, according to a recent survey conducted by NICE and CMSWire Insights.

In this environment, contact center supervisors must carefully balance the tasks of retaining their workforce, easing agents' stress and meeting growing customer expectations. How can organizations achieve this balance?

Our expert speakers, Dana Shalev, Head of Product Marketing at NICE, and Sarah Kimmel, VP of Research at CMSWire, will explore the reasons behind rising stress levels. Engaging contact center employees through technology doesn’t need to be a minefield—AI solutions can be an exciting way to both engage employees and satisfy customers.

Gain essential insights from this webinar, including:

  • How rising complexity impacts both employee stress levels and customer experience
  • How agent interest in AI solutions creates an opportunity to explore AI strategies with workforce support
  • How AI helps organizations address the challenges caused by complexity, improving customer and employee experience
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From stress to success: reducing complexity with AI-powered contact center solutions.

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