From AI Buzzwords to Business Impact: New Ways to Connect Customer Experiences


AI is everywhere, but what’s its real potential for taking CX to the next level? In this session we move past the AI buzz to look at how AI-driven CX approaches are allowing organizations to innovate and transform customer and employee experiences, and business processes, including:

  • Personalizing consumer-agent conversations
  • Delivering predictive and proactive engagement
  • Enabling complete self-service journeys
  • Ensuring consistency across every customer interaction
  • Increasing visibility to CX and EX across the organization

Case Studies

Leading Healthcare Company Saves $11 Million a Year and Immediately Improves CSAT with Enlighten AI Routing

A major publicly-traded healthcare company’s contact centers received millions of members’ calls each year. Their CX team saw personalization as a strategy to improve their members’ experiences while lowering operating costs but needed a solution to implement it.


So you want to be a Generative AI expert

Generative AI technology is driving innovations that are shaping the future of customer experience (CX) and has the potential to transform how brands interact with their customers. CX leaders looking to understand more about AI can use this quick reference guide for their teams to leverage basic principles and be aware of what to look for in new solutions built on Generative AI technology.


Using AI to Measure and Drive Human Behavior That Improves Customer Experience

The customer is critical for enterprise success. State-of-the-art solutions enabled by Artificial Intelligence ensure that customer service, in all its forms, is constantly and consistently optimized through real-time analytics.