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Effortless Service, Happier Customers


Effortless service, happier customers: Using smarter self-service to accelerate the speed of full resolution

Connection and simplicity make every customer service interaction positive and memorable. The difficulty is that consumers want service on their terms and time, not to wait for hours on the phone. True customer satisfaction and exceptional CX are challenging to pin down with so much change every year. So how does your contact center not only understand and meet customer expectations but exceed them?

84% of consumers say they would rather do business with companies using intelligent and accessible customer self-service. Are interactions with your company making people happy or closing accounts and driving business to your competitor?

Self-service is more than just responsive chatbots; it is proactive engagement with customers and solving problems at any point in their digital journey, whatever that may be. Creating a frictionless journey allows your customers to discover the desired information on their terms, making a positive sentiment before they ever contact you.

This eBook demonstrates why self-service is not only the present solution for customer interaction but is also the driving force for all future CX journeys.

Other takeaways will be:

  • Why customers prefer self-service over legacy CX methods
  • The financial benefits and cost savings of self-service
  • How to empower agents and delight customers
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