CXone Self-Service Analytics Datasheet


For many Contact Centers their IVR is a blind spot, as they don’t have the capability to analyze the customer journey within the IVR to spot where negative experiences are occurring.  CXone Self Service Analytics helps you gain visibility by using key Interactive Voice Response (IVR) insights to identify patterns that impact call containment, such as call drop offs and frequent agent transfers, to help you increase containment and reduce customer effort. 


NICE Real-Time Interaction Guidance

Most contact center agents receive feedback on their performance after an interaction has already happened – when it’s too late to impact the customer experience. And over-the-shoulder coaching of individual agents does little to move the needle on overall customer experience measures, like CSAT or NPS. What agents need is guidance in the moment that empowers them to make every customer experience the best customer experience possible. That’s what CXone Real-Time Interaction Guidance does, using NICE Enlighten AI—the industry’s first-and-only purpose-built AI that’s pre-trained to understand the intricacies of customer engagement. Drive customer satisfaction with real-time AI on every call by advising agents at point-of-service on critical behaviors scientifically proven to boost customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

Dover Food Retail expands internationally and centralizes all contact center locations on CXone

Dover Food Retail had ambitions to expand its operations overseas, but there was a roadblock in the way: Its contact centers all used different systems. To enter international markets, it needed a centralized cloud contact center platform that all locations could use. Dover Food Retail has made great strides with CXone; it successfully expanded internationally and all of its contact centers in the U.S. and Philippines use CXone. It now has real-time visibility into each contact center’s performance while boosting customer satisfaction and improving important metrics, such as reducing abandonment by 70%.