Beyond ChatGPT: Navigating the New Era of CX AI


Join us as we explore the transformative impact of generative AI on customer experiences since the explosive debut of ChatGPT. In this webinar, Elizabeth Tobey (Head of Marketing, Digital and AI at NICE) will get you caught up on the evolution of generative AI for CX technology, discuss the shifts in the CX landscape, and share key lessons about why purpose-built AI for CX is so crucial to both customers and employees and imperative for successfully integrating AI into customer interactions. Don't miss these insights into the journey of generative AI and its profound influence on the world of CX.


  • The evolution of Gen AI for CX since the launch of ChatGPT
  • What has (and hasn't) change in the world of CX
  • Where companies are seeing the biggest impact with Gen AI for CX implementations
  • What to expect over the next year for CX AI
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