Audio Discovery Solutions

Flexible Audio Discovery Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs

Whether you are responding to a regulatory request, a discovery demand, or an internal investigation, Nexidia makes searching and reviewing audio recordings easy and efficient. Nexidia offers multiple solutions to suit your Audio Discovery needs:

Nexidia Search OnDemand

When faced with the potentially daunting task of finding responsive content within a large volume of audio, Nexidia’s hosted SaaS solution, Nexidia Search OnDemand, provides the scalability, accuracy and performance you need to be successful. Combining patented phonetic technology, audio expertise, and the highest levels of project management, Nexidia’s Audio Discovery is the market leading solution for reviewing large volumes of audio and video content, making tight deadlines achievable and reducing the overall project effort and cost.

The OnDemand solution utilizes Nexidia’s patented Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics technology, providing advanced word and phrase-based visual analytics including:

  • Interactive Word Clouds
  • Related phrase expansion
  • Sentiment analysis and graphing
  • Synchronized transcript display
  • Phrase trend analysis

Hosted in Nexidia’s secure data centers in the US and UK, Nexidia Search is accessible to review teams operating in any location.

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Not every Audio Discovery project is of the scale to require enterprise technology like Nexidia Search. AudioFinder is the perfect solution for small and mid-sized projects while delivering the same market-leading technology at a fraction of the cost, and without IT overhead.

And when sensitive audio content cannot be removed from premises, AudioFinder offers a mobile solution that permits content to be processed and reviewed onsite, without the need to transmit files.

A single-user, stand-alone application, AudioFinder is quickly and easily installed on a workstation to support a complete Audio Discovery workflow, eliminating reliance on time consuming and inaccurate speech-to-text transcription.

With advanced features, including:

  • Speaker Identification
  • Metadata Support
  • Pronunciation Optimization
  • Redaction
  • Smart MediaSets
  • Term Sets
  • Language ID

AudioFinder provides the same phonetic search capabilities as the OnDemand solution, with a simply installed, desktop application.

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Audio Discovery Partners

Nexidia is proud to partner with leading eDiscovery providers and software developers – delivering cost-effective solutions to corporations and law firms. Nexidia’s Partner categories include Hosting, Consulting, and Integration Partners.