The Phonetic Advantage

Nexidia’s award winning phonetic search engine makes audio searchable directly from the sounds of speech which occur in the audio stream. To do this, Nexidia indexes audio based on phonemes, the smallest unit of human speech. Supporting virtually all audio file types, Nexidia Search easily processes audio variances including a speaker’s language, accent, and dialect without the need for dictionaries and extensive speaker training. Nexidia’s phonetic search engine provides the greatest accuracy and flexibility for searching and identifying key content within your corpus of recordings.

Initially developed at Georgia Tech University, Nexidia holds more than 20 patents and is capable of processing more than 45 different languages. Each ‘language pack’ has been researched and developed to ensure that unique speech patterns, variances, and idiosyncrasies are anticipated and supported.

Regardless of the type of matter, experience has taught us that Audio Discovery projects can grow significantly beyond initial anticipated volumes, often requiring short response deadlines. Over the years, Nexidia has proven to be the fastest and most scalable environment for processing and reviewing audio and video content. Processing times are literally hours, not days, and additional reviewers can be added as needed to scale your review appropriately.