NICE Workforce Management for Amazon Connect

Welcome to the cloud revolution. With hundreds of NICE customers already running in the cloud and many more going live in the cloud, now is the time to consider the benefits your organization can realize with cloud workforce management solutions from NICE.

Do you know who uses NICE Workforce Management (WFM) solutions? More than two thousand customers and 2.7 million users trust NICE WFM to deliver the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). From single sites to global omnichannel enterprises, call centers of all sizes, all over the world are leveraging NICE WFM to gain visibility across the front and back offices, optimize scheduling and automate time-consuming process tasks.

The only workforce management solution on the market with embedded AI and ML, NICE WFM is the most advanced and most accurate workforce management tool to date. It uses intuitive decision-making to uncover hidden patterns, make accurate forecasts and identify the best forecasting model. NICE WFM combines the latest technologies with the most agent-friendly solution. It’s the Intelligent WFM suite that engages contact center employees and empowers teams like never before.

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8 Capabilities of NICE Workforce Management Solutions

Forecast accurately – Manage your workforce more effectively and eliminate under and over-staffing with AI and ML-powered predictive analytics. Leverage the market's most advanced AI and ML tools to find unseen patterns in the historical data used to generate forecasts of volume and work time. NICE WFM's intelligence learns the efficiencies and gaps in forecasting unique to each interval and work stream in your contact center, and it flexibly adjusts to overcome them. Natively use our unique, industry-leading forecasting algorithm that utilizes interval-specific weighted moving average methodologies or leverage new advanced forecasting methods with Box-Jenkins ARIMA, exponential smoothing and multilinear regression. Allow your workforce management solutions to review the algorithms and select the best choice for your specific needs.

Simulate real-world prioritization, routing and skill assignments to determine work allocation expectations, deferrable work propagation and multi-site/multi-skill efficiencies. Use robust new algorithms that support the forecast parameters of NICE WFM and simulation of exact routing rules to generate extremely accurate staffing requirements. AI capabilities learn the skillsets of individual employees and generate forecasts that precisely reflect the multi-skill capabilities of your contact center. Utilizing machine learning, NICE WFM optimizes scheduling and determines the best model to use on a day-by-day basis.

Schedule flexibly - Manage backlogs and eliminate overstaffing for virtually any scheduling methodology or work-rule environment by applying different approaches for different departments, locations and individuals. AI and ML capabilities ensure that coverage is provided and automatically assign schedules based on agent capacities or allow them to bid on preferred times. This makes your agents partners in solving staffing scenarios while ensuring that business needs are met – the key to NICE workforce management solutions' success.

Manage change - Monitor and proactively respond to changing conditions in real-time with intuitive intraday change management tools.

Minimize training time with an easy-to-use modern interface - The NICE Workforce Management Suite features a modern, unified look that simplifies processes and navigation between applications, facilitates integration with other NICE Workforce Optimization solutions and sets the foundation for add itional user experience enhancements.

Integrate with any solution - Our systems are API-friendly, seamlessly integrate with Amazon Connect and can integrate with other solutions using SmartSync, reducing manual processes, data entry, risk and cost.

Manage your system with ease - Real-time diagnostics and high availability ensure maximum uptime. Alarms and alerts using Simple Network Management Protocol allow you to minimize downtime by catching system issues before they become critical. Market-standard resiliency, built-in redundancy and disaster recovery procedures ensure that employees will be able to meet objectives even if a component fails or disaster strikes.

Harness the power of the cloud - Why use up your precious scarce resources to manage complex IT infrastructures and technologies? You can choose from cloud models that fit your business needs and scale, expand or contract instantaneously. Simple. Flexible. Efficient.

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Real time integration – WFM in the Cloud

Historical integration – WFM in the Cloud