NICE Engage Recording for Amazon Connect

One enterprise – Grade solution for all contact center recording needs

NICE Engage offers a wide range of telephony integrations for on-prem and cloud to enable full interaction recording and compliance coverage. Integrated with Amazon Connect, you can now benefit from all NICE Engage advantages, including superior business continuity, security, DIY compliance policy management, and real-time capabilities while recording Amazon Connect.

Compliance – One set of rules for all

As your one go-to solution for centralized recording, storage, search, and playback of all customer interactions across the enterprise, NICE Engage for Amazon Connect allows you to seamlessly apply the same archiving and retention rules to all recorded communications. In doing so, NICE Engage for Amazon Connect ensures complete adherence to regulatory and QM targets and requirements while supporting new communication preferences.

Quality and Authenticity – Real-time recording and streaming

NICE Engage for Amazon Connect is a real-time streaming and recording solution. Providing all the advantages of Engage’s real-time capabilities, the integrated solution supports real-time voice and screen recording and monitoring for QM, real-time recording assurance, real-time PCI assurance, real-time authentication and fraud prevention, and real-time analytics.

Reliability – End-to-end resiliency and security

Evidence keeping leaves no room for failures. NICE Engage for Amazon Connect benefits from the platform’s high availability and redundancy features, including N+1 recording, Multi Data Center (MDC), and Interaction Controller (IC) cluster, ensuring industry-leading resiliency. With NICE Engage for Amazon Connect, you also benefit from the highest security standards, with advanced data security based-on end-to-end qualified media encryption and secure communication

Solution Overview