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Genesys is pushing all its chips onto the Cloud.

For current Genesys legacy customers, moving to Genesys Cloud CX is going to feel like a step backwards. So, it’s a good time to think about what moving to the cloud will mean for your organization.

When it comes to comparing NICE CXone vs. Genesys Cloud CX, we can show you what you’ll gain when you step forward with NICE and how we can make that migration as simple as possible when you’re ready to change directions.

Step forward with NICE CXone.
Your complex business needs demand a robust solution that can scale, meet your customers wherever their journey begins, and improve your business processes. Here’s why NICE CXone has the advantage over Genesys Cloud CX.
Migrate with peace of mind
Genesys Engage and PureConnect don’t use the same code base as Genesys Cloud CX. So, your migration to the cloud is going to be more complicated than you think. The NICE CXone migration roadmap recognizes your unique business needs and gives you customized solutions with Genesys experts to guide you along the way.
Scalable, unified suiteform
Without partners for reporting and WEM solutions, NICE CXone routinely deploys 10k and even 20k+ contact center seats with the same consistent experience. Genesys Cloud CX has done that…once, and you still need partners. So, when you compare NICE CXone vs. Genesys Cloud CX, scale matters.
Financial stability
NICE has a proven history for financial security with $1.5 billion in the bank. If you stay with Genesys, you’re paying down their $3 billion debt instead of robust and innovative solutions.
True omni-channel solutions
Get real-time monitoring of all your digital interactions with digital strategy and support. Genesys Cloud CX can’t make this claim.
Meet customers wherever their journey begins
From digital entry points to voice and email, NICE offers holistic solutions to guide your customers through the entire customer journey, - including reporting, analytics, and customer resolution.
Worry-free migration

We have a proven track record of moving customers from Genesys to NICE CXone, including dedicated Genesys experts to make it happen.

This means we’re ready today to migrate your robust routing, advanced reporting needs, recording and quality management, workforce management, VOC, and performance management needs.

Benefit from our experience
We’ve migrated over 500 customers from Genesys to NICE with experienced Genesys experts taking the lead.
De-risk with our expertise
Throughout the migration, NICE focuses on value for your company.
Finding business value in contact centers
We simplify, streamline, and optimize your business process to make your contact center representatives a profit center for your organization.
Don’t take our word for it.
See why the industry analysts name us a leader year-after-year.
professional services
“We had a great implementation team from NICE CXone, especially from a development perspective, which made our transition really simple. CXone is also far more stable than our old platform. Overall, moving to NICE CXone is going to reduce our costs, or keep them the same, and we’re going to have a lot more functionality than we had before.”
Doug Kiess
Head of Customer Care MoneyGram International
Plan for Now and the Future:
Cross the CX threshold with CXi

NICE CXone is the only unified cloud platform addressing the comprehensive needs of consumers, agents, and brands—encompassing the entire CX journey, everywhere, on every channel (even emerging ones). NICE CXone is the only CCaaS platform that can deliver these smart, frictionless experiences everywhere—known as Customer Experience Interactions (CXi).

Thinking holistically with CXi will reap significant CX rewards. NICE CXone Customer Experience Interactions (CXi) Business Consulting can shepherd your organization through digital and customer experience transformation for optimal contact center operations, customer experience, and employee engagement.

Case Studies


As DSW grew, they found their Genesys contact center solutions were holding them back. They needed a more robust solution for their contact center that could scale with their growth.

Case Studies

Goodwill Industries of San Antonio

Goodwill’s move to NICE CXone has provided agility, flexibility, and functionality for new business opportunities.

Case Studies

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley’s NICE CXone experiences have transformed their CX—like “going from black and white into color.”

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