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Contact Centers today need a robust, all-in-one platform to meet high demands. Five9 doesn’t always keep up with the needs of today’s contact centers. They are slow to update their product, resulting in limited functionality and outdated, clunky interfaces. Their reporting separates voice from digital first (IVA) channels, and data security does not comply with industry-leading FedRAMP certification. Plus, the only way to achieve advanced functionality is to rely on multiple third-party integrations.

CXone gives you what you need to meet today’s customer expectations. Our innovative, native applications work together on a unified platform for advanced functionality and ease of use. Combined voice and digital channels in reporting gives you the full view of your interactions. All our customers benefit from data security requirements that meet standards for FedRAMP certification. Our white glove customer service and support assists you in the first day of installation and beyond.

All together now.
First-rate applications designed to work in concert give you unified user and customer experiences for stellar CX. CXone’s top-notch data security and platform reliability ensures your CX is ready to go, all the time.
Integrated user experience
Our native applications were developed together to work together. We’ve got you covered on all applications for contact center needs with our complete platform.
Reliable 24/7/365
Our platform is available 24/7/365—even when the platform needs maintenance.
Unified reporting
A single interface brings together voice and digital channels for transparent, advanced reporting. Customization allows you to see what’s most important to you.
Maintaining a robust research & development department allows us to stay on the cutting-edge of technology . . . and to roll out developments promptly and effectively.
Secure data
All customers benefit from the high data security standards of FedRAMP certification. Plus, CXone is one of the only CCaaS platforms to offer a MOS guarantee.
Seamless self-service
Our digital self-service effortlessly guides customers on journeys from internet searches to virtual agents and everywhere in between.
Best In class.
See why the industry analysts name us a leader year after year.
professional services
“CXone’s disaster capabilities have saved us so many times, from COVID-19 to power lines being cut. Our contact center stays up and running, and the customer experience is seamless.”
Susan Campbell
Director of Customer Experience Vera Bradley
Plan for now and the future:

NICE CXone is the only unified cloud platform addressing the comprehensive needs of consumers, agents, and brands—encompassing the entire CX journey, everywhere, on every channel (even emerging ones). NICE CXone is the only CCaaS platform that can deliver these smart, frictionless experiences everywhere—known as Customer Experience Interactions (CXi).

Thinking holistically with CXi will reap significant CX rewards. NICE CXone Customer Experience Interactions (CXi) Business Consulting can shepherd your organization through digital and customer experience transformation for optimal contact center operations, customer experience, and employee engagement.

Case Studies

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley’s NICE CXone experiences have transformed their CX—like “going from black and white into color.”

Case Studies

Goodwill Industries of San Antonio

Goodwill’s move to NICE CXone has provided agility, flexibility, and functionality for new business opportunities.

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