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CXone works right out of the box and will integrate seamlessly with many third-party applications. Amazon Connect provides diverse services for contact centers, but they are piecemeal—and not designed specifically for contact centers. Take a little of this, and a little of that, and then you need to add in a lot of your developer’s time. Not to mention bolster your partnership with your systems integrator for their support.

CXone is fully customizable with flexible pricing options based on your specific needs, with one clear monthly fee. Amazon Connect charges in small time and interaction increments, making it impossible to estimate a total monthly charge. Plus, each added service requires more development resources, additional AWS products, third-party applications, and their support—adding up to a big bill. 

With CXone, you get a customized suiteform, built for CX, with transparent pricing and full support. Forgo the DIY approach and go with the CCaaS leaders who will be true partners at every step. 

Buy it ready to go.
CXone is a native, cloud CCaaS solution ready out of the box for any contact center need. Compare CXone with Amazon Connect and see why NICE CXone wins.
Minimal development resources needed
No need to use all your internal IT resources to build out the contact center platform. CXone is an out-of-the-box solution with advanced functionality.
Predictable monthly pricing
Easily forecast your monthly spend on the total package of your contact center software, applications, and support with CXone. Amazon Connect’s incremental pricing makes it challenging to estimate costs.
One vendor to call for support
With CXone, you call one provider for all troubleshooting needs, rather than an array of partners.
Unified solution from one provider
CXone provides top AI applications that were developed together—and work together. Workforce Management, Quality Management, Analytics, Automation/AI, ACD/IVR, and more.
Handle robust routing requirements
CXone can manage the most complex of call routing trees. Leave it to your CX expert to devise yours, not your IT staff.
Best In class.
See why the industry analysts name us a leader year after year.
professional services
“I encourage contact center leaders to understand the differences between native and non-native cloud solutions. You want to select a native-cloud platform like CXone in order to realize the benefits we’ve achieved. CXone has made a significant impact on our business.”
Nadim Hajje
Vice President of Information Technology and Data Analytics Omega World Travel
Plan for now and the future:

NICE CXone is the only unified cloud platform addressing the comprehensive needs of consumers, agents, and brands—encompassing the entire CX journey, everywhere, on every channel (even emerging ones). NICE CXone is the only CCaaS platform that can deliver these smart, frictionless experiences everywhere—known as Customer Experience Interactions (CXi).

Thinking holistically with CXi will reap significant CX rewards. NICE CXone Customer Experience Interactions (CXi) Business Consulting can shepherd your organization through digital and customer experience transformation for optimal contact center operations, customer experience, and employee engagement.

Case Studies

Disney Streaming Brings Four Major Brands Together with NICE CXone

Well known and beloved worldwide, the Walt Disney Company provides a full digital streaming experience on four separate platforms: Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ and Star+.

Case Studies

CXone Native-Cloud Contact Center Solutions: Just the Ticket for Omega World Travel

Moving to native-cloud CXone solutions has been exactly the right move for Omega World Travel, and CXone has had major impact on its business.

Case Studies

Growing Workforce Management (WFM) and Increasing Operational Rigour

Belong, an Australian communications company, leveraged NICE expertise to grow its workforce management proficiency. With NICE’s assistance, Belong is correctly mapping and categorizing calls from its ACD and to NICE Workforce Management.

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