speech analytics

Why Does Your Contact Center Need Speech Analytics?

There is a lot of information out there about speech analytics and how it can benefit contact centers, but what is it exactly and what value does it bring to the customer experience? In simple terms, speech analytics provides one view into the voice of the customer.  It lets you “listen” to EVERY call – and analyze EVERY call.  Sounds better than having to take a sampling and hoping you get the right ones to give you a full perspective, right?  Now you no longer need to rely on managers to manually evaluate calls to identify performance improvement opportunities.  And you get near real time insights from customers that gives you an understanding of how you can improve specific interactions.  

Contact center software today provides simple, innovative analytics solutions that are affordable and give you that deep insight into your customer interactions.  And they do it across every channel your customers use to communicate with you.  While every business is different, there are some key benefits of speech analytics that can be useful for your contact center no matter what it’s function.

  • Pinpoint opportunities to improve customer experience – understand what makes your customers happy and what is frustrating them
  • Agent development and training – Uncover improvement opportunities personalized to individual agents needs
  • Mitigate compliance – identify process adherence to find potential risks
  • Create a data-based culture – provide useful data for everyone in the organization to make informed decisions and create a culture of continuous improvement and accountability

Speech analytics helps provide a full picture of your customer interactions and the knowledge to make informed decisions. In the increasingly competitive world of customer experience, every bit of customer insight is valuable.

If you’re having difficulty getting buy-in on the value speech analytics, ask your vendor for help. Their experience in delivering the solution in a wide variety of contact center operations puts them in an ideal position to help you justify your investment – they can give you proven ROI, as well as soft benefits to help you make your case. They might even uncover additional ROI opportunities that you hadn’t considered.

To learn more about applying analytics to your call center, watch our video Transforming your business with CXone Interaction Analytics Pro.