The Goldilocks Principle of WFM: Finding a solution that’s just right

The Goldilocks Principle of WFM: Finding a solution that’s just right

Your customer base has grown, and so too has the number of employees required to keep up with critical customer service needs. It’s time to move past spreadsheets and your homegrown solution, which simply aren’t sophisticated enough. You need a true workforce management solution that can power more robust forecasting, scheduling, and change management needs.

But you need a WFM solution that’s just right. Traditional workforce management software can be too feature-rich, too intensive to manage, and just…too much. Many newer WFM solutions, on the other hand, are feature-poor, too unsophisticated for digital and multi-skill environments, and just…too simple. 

Just as Goldilocks found that she preferred a bowl of porridge that was neither too hot, nor too cold, but rather just right, you need a WFM solution that’s just right for your growing organization. Your WFM solution shouldn’t force you to decide between functional needs and user experience. Nor should you have to sacrifice precious FTE headcount for additional administrative burden to access the latest tech.

The good news is that with CXone WFM, you don’t have to make that choice—it’s custom-built to be just right for the growing contact center. The cloud-based CXone WFM, which is natively integrated with the CXone OCR to provide a full suite experience, takes advantage of the power of modern software solutions and user experience trends. Powerful AI-driven forecasting is coupled with machine learning in a patented closed loop optimization process with simulation—capabilities that are specifically designed for contact centers that require multi-skilled agents capable of multi-session interaction handling in the digital era.

CXone also includes several tools to help with intraday, change management, and performance evaluations—all with an eye toward enabling teams to spend less time gathering and understanding data and more time making informed decisions. Dashboard-style widgets aggregate key metrics such as service level, average handle time (AHT), abandonment rates, and more. Visualization tools, from forecasting to scheduled net-staffing to lunch and break optimizations, are designed to instantly give the user a situational understanding of the state of the workforce. This provides just the right level of detail to help teams take appropriate action.

When it comes to agents, CXone WFM also offers an experience that’s just right, with critical functionality that allows employees to manage a multitude of tasks from their workstation or via the included mobile app, including the ability to view and trade schedules and request time off and absences. Best of all, you always have the ability to configure settings to protect the needs of the business while giving a voice to employees.

Your business is growing, and having just the right WFM tool can help you perform optimally while growing with you. Watch a demo to learn more about how CXone WFM is helping contact centers manage an expanding workforce.