combat the great resignation

Combat the Great Resignation: How to Retain Your Employees - And Your Sanity

For the first time since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, employees across industries are in the power seat. This shift in control has led to one of the largest shakeups not seen in the job market since the late 1800s, the Great Resignation. With no signs of slowing down, retaining employees is paramount to the success of an organization. The necessity to tailor workforce strategy to the unique needs of workers now determines if an organization can retain its staff. To make this adjustment and improve the overall health of the business, companies have found the answer with NICE Employee Engagement Manager (EEM).

As the focus on employee wellbeing is thrust into the spotlight, NICE has seen an increase in companies adopting NICE EEM to help retain employees and effectively meet customer demand. These organizations are empowering their employees by granting them more flexibility, more control over their schedules, and by eliminating intraday stressors.

According to “The Great Resignation: Why workers say they quit jobs in 2021 | Pew Research Center”, 53% of workers found opportunities that gave them an easier time balancing work and family responsibilities and 50% chose positions that gave them more flexibility to choose when they put in their work hours. With the surge of remote working capabilities, employees were spurred to find a new position that would fit their needs.

The use of NICE’s Employee Engagement Manager helps companies easily adjust to accommodate these changes. Amid high competition for the best talent, EEM incentivizes employees to stay by removing friction. A 2022 Gallup report on “The State of the Global Workforce” stated that stress among the world’s workers reached an all-time high, with 44% of employees saying they experienced significant daily stress the previous day. EEM greatly reduces the intraday stress for organizations by ensuring resources are optimally aligned with customer demand by intelligently identifying solutions to address staffing gaps, proactively managing agent communication, and automatically adjusting schedules in NICE IEX WFM.

Allowing for intraday and intraweek schedule changes to maximize opportunities for offline activities while protecting net staffing, EEM’s robust rules engine supports performance alerts on predefined metrics that can be customized for agents, supervisors, and administrators. These notifications, delivered through any EEM communication channel, are easily configured in accordance with multi-dimensional rules, encompassing metrics such as adherence, time in state, and tardiness.

Employee Engagement Manager executes net staffing more accurately and seamlessly than what has been done traditionally, maintaining more appropriate staffing levels. Agents can utilize self-scheduling with EEM while still ensuring that business needs are met. With a mobile app and transparent availability, NICE enables 24/7 self-service with opportunities to easily change schedules with personalized offers and preapprovals. Intelligent automation drives better overall efficiency and frees managers to focus on employee development.

By empowering the workforce with self-sufficiency and flexibility, employee well-being and satisfaction vastly increase. Bringing autonomy back into the workforce increases productivity as happy employees are loyal to the company and work harder to ensure business success. The removal of day-to-day stressors with something as simple as scheduling control brings about positive changes throughout an organization from the bottom up, with the focus on employee wellbeing the new normal, and NICE’s Employee Engagement Manager leading the way.