You Asked: How should I do workforce management in the digital era?


Workforce management solutions were built to handle voice-only contact centers, but that world is being displaced by digital channels. Forecasting and scheduling resources (human and bots) for digital interactions require different policies, processes, data collection techniques, and algorithms than those that have been applied for decades in voice-only contact centers. Although phone calls are not going away any time soon, voice-centric WFM solutions are sub-optimal and inherently inefficient. Join this webinar to hear Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting, and Andrea Matsuda, product marketing leader at NICE, discuss the challenges confronting WFM as contact centers become increasingly digital.

We'll discuss:

  • Why companies need to revamp their WFM policies, procedures, and applications to support the digital generation
  • Top challenges voice-centric WFM solutions are facing with digital interactions
  • How NICE is helping enterprises transition and reposition their WFM solutions to meet the needs of digital-centric customers


Donna Fluss
President, DMG Consulting LLC
Andrea Matsuda
Senior Product Marketing Manager, NICE