Case Studies

Contact Center Self-Service: How Valvoline Drives Customer Acquisition & Retention


Valvoline recognized that its customer experience, especially for those who called into its local service centers, was inconsistent at best. So working with NICE and its CXone solutions, the company incorporated self-service options into the CXone IVR, to answer common questions and offload tens of thousands of live-agent interactions. It also embarked on a major customer acquisiton program that not only drove substantial business into its service centers but generated an ROI of 3.5-5 on every dollar spent!

Case Studies

CXone Helps Athens Services Improve Their Contact Center (PDF)

As a booming trash-hauling and recycling company, Athens Services was managing fluctuating call volume, chaotic and frustrating scheduling and staffing, and even the impacts of erratic Southern California weather—but all without modern-day contact center technology and tools. NICE’s IVR and inViewTM Performance Management for CXone made a world of difference. But the real game-changer for sharpening operations and boosting service levels? NICE Workforce Management.

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Case Studies Realizes Gains with NICE CXone is an online marketplace for dental savings plans—affordable alternatives to insurance. The company is experiencing rapid growth and relies heavily on its contact center for provider and member care, but also for generating memberships and renewals.